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HSE Policy Statement
Al Mamaas Engineering Laboratory Believes that good, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance is an integral part of its business and will treat HSE issues in the same way as other primary business objectives.
  • 1Confirm to the requirements of UAE industrial Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.

  • 2Conduct activities in such a way as to avoid harm to the health of employees, and those living in close proximity to operations.

  • 3Strive progressively to reduce emissions, discharges and wastes.

  • 4Maintain the work areas in a clean and tidy condition.

  • 5continuously improve the efficient use of energy and natural resources.

This statement is equally applicable to all stages of Al-Mamaas Lab projects and operations and shall be abided by all Al Mamaas employees.
  • 1Drilling works shall be undertaken by authorized and experienced personnel only.

  • 2A safe working distance shall be maintained from rotary drilling heads.

  • 3A safe working distance shall be maintained from all hoisting operation. Loads shall not be hoisted overhead of personnel.

  • 4Hydraulic hoses and other pressurized lines shall be fitted with whip inhibitors.

  • 5A test pit to the depth of maximum 1m BGL shall be hand excavated prior to commence drilling to insure the absence of any utility lines or services.

  • 6Personnel protective equipment shall be worn by all personnel around the drilling.

Hand Tools:

Al Mammas Engineering Laboratory shall provide and ensure that all portable hand tools used and required in connection with the project activities shall be inspected to make sure they are satisfactory and tested in conformance with the safety standards.

Hand tools anticipated for use in the project include: pipe wrenches, spanners and hammers for use on the drilling rig units. Electrical portable equipment are not envisaged.


House Keeping:

  • 1Clear access / egress shall be maintained to firefighting equipment, alarm points, and first aid facilities.

  • 2When not in use, materials, tools, equipment shall be properly stored.

  • 3Rubbish shall be removed from the work site at the end of every day.

  • 4Suitable fresh bins will be provided for general debris.

  • 5Disposal of the wastes from the work site will be determined by the amount of waste accumulated.

  • 6Storage of waste within the plant site shall be minimized and minimal duration.