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Scope Of Services

Al Mamaas Engineering Laboratory's Core business in providing an out source service of soil drilling and earthwork contractors who require the laboratory and/or site testing on soils. The services range from the most basic index soils tests to the highly specialized as follows:


Classifications Strength / Consolidation Other Laboratory Tests
Moisture Content UU Triaxial Compression Standard Compaction (2.5 kg.)
In situ Assessment & Control
Particle Size Distribution Unconfined Compression California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Dispersion 1-D Consolidation Modified compaction (4.5kg.)
Sand replacement & core cutter
Double Hydrometer Standard test Permeameter
California Bearing Ratio
Linear Shrinkage Concrete Tests Constant and Falling Head
Plate Loading
Particle Density-SG Compressive Strength  
Unit Weight-Bulk/Density    
Range Of Services

Geotechnical Site Investigation works comprising drilling, sampling, classifications chemical and physical properties testing and finally technical report that includes the engineering recommendations for a suitable foundation design or soil improvement. The above activities are maintained by soil drilling rigs of rotary and percussion types which are available and owned by the laboratory with fully qualified drilling, sampling, field testing accessories and are operated by qualified team of Drilling Technicians and Drillers.

Testing the raw materials contributed in the building such as sand, aggregates, water. Testing of the building made units such as cement blocks, flooring tiles.

Equipments And Manpower
  • 1Al Mamaas Laboratory is provided with the needed up-to-date Calibrated equipments and devices for the two divisions, Soil and Construction Materials that can cover the laboratory and the in-situ tests in accordance with the required specification.

  • 2Al Mamaas Laboratory has added the advantage of employing a team of highly qualified professional and trained engineers, geologists, laboratory technician and drilling specialists who are clinical in their approach.