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  • Meinberg PTP Client: IEEE 1588-2008 Client Software for Windows and Linux
    The Meinberg PTP Client allows to synchronize the time of Microsoft Windows and Linux servers and desktop PCs by implementing a full IEEE 1588 ordinary clock stack with software- and hardware-timestamping support. The PTP Client offers the most complete PTP feature set available for the two major operating systems by using the Oregano Systems PTP Stack as its core. Users can configure the software to work with almost any PTP Grandmaster Clock or PTP enabled network infrastructure due to its built-in support for most PTP configuration options and operational modes.
  • MPS v2: NTP / PTP Simulation Software
    NTP / PTP Simulation Software
    The simulation software offers the possibility to simulate time synchronization devices, such as NTP Server and Clients or PTP Grandmaster and Slaves in a network. The MPS allows you to test your existing network infrastructure by simulating hundreds or thousands of devices. You will also have the possibility to test your own NTP- or PTP implementation on standard compliant behavior, by examining its interoperability with a simulated device.

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