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PCIe Clocks: Time Signal Receivers for the PCI Express Bus

PCI Express has been designed to yield a high transfer rate across a low number of data lines, and is based on a high speed serial protocol similar to LAN or IEEE1349 (Firewire) connections. A single PCI Express slot can implement several such „lanes“ in parallel to multiply the transfer rate of a single lane.

The serial port can be used to update the card’s firmware, and connected to a computer serial port to use the card as reference time source in operating systems where a serial time string is supported but no kernel device driver is available (such as NTP).

To use a MEINBERG PCIe Clock in your own application, please download our software development kit (SDK) which contains libraries and sample code and shows how to access the card from within your software.

All drivers and API sample source code can be downloaded free of charge from our website, and we are glad to assist you if experience any difficulty using the Meinberg driver API in your software development process.

Overview: PCIe Clocks


PCI Express is the latest implementation of the PCI bus, which is only software-compatible with other PCI bus specifications.

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  • GPS180PEXThe board GPS180PEX is designed as a low profile board for computers with PCI Express interface.

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