DCF600USB: DCF77 Radio Clock for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) 

DCF600USB: DCF77 Radio Clock for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) 

The DCF600USB is a DCF77 Radio Clock for USB in compact plastic housing with an integrated DCF77 antenna, an (optional) external antenna can be connected to compensate degraded reception quality. This device is a perfect alternative for synchronizing computer systems where no PCI slot or serial port is available for time synchronization..



Product Description

The DCF600USB shows the reception quality via its status LED and uses a buffered real time clock to maintain the time while powered off. There is no power supply required, it is powered by the Universal Serial Bus.

The DCF600USB provides a professional solution to your time synchronization requirements in mobile applications like field data acquisition with a laptop/notebook and can be deployed whenever you need to synchronize a standalone PC, laptop or server when no PCI or serial port is available.

The drivers package for Windows contains a time adjustment service which runs in the background and adjusts the Windows system time continuously and smoothly. A monitor program is also included which lets the user check the status of the device and the time adjustment service, and can be used to modify configurable parameters, if run with administrator rights.

The driver packages for Linux and FreeBSD contain a kernel driver which allows the board to be used as a reference time source for the NTP daemon which is shipped with most Unix-like operating systems. This also turns the computer into an NTP time server which can also provide accurate time to NTP clients on the network. Some command line tools can be used to setup configurable parameters and monitor the status of the board.

The Meinberg Single-Driver-Concept simplifies driver installation dramatically – there is only one driver who supports all Meinberg PCI and USB devices and if you use our free API to access your Meinberg timing device from within your own applications, you can use the same source code for both PCI and USB devices.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus), 5V
Receiver status LEDs
Buffered hardware clock
Powered by USB (no extra power supply required)
Connector for external DCF77 antenna
Plastic Case
3 Year Warranty



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