VP100/20: LED Large Display (serial/network connected) 

VP100/20: LED Large Display (serial/network connected) 

LED Large Display (serial/network connected)

LED Large Display VP100 optional as NTP slave clock VP100NET


Product Description

Large display VP100/20 with good visibility and 50mm height LED characters, working as:

  • radio clock with integrated DCF77 receiver, DCF indoor antenna AI01 and 5m cable (standard) or, by customers specifications, with an external outdoor antenna AW02. Antenna cables can be prefabricated as required. The connection to the external antenna can be done via BNC connector at the rear panel of the display
  • free running clock (with or without automatic changeover in daylight saving)
  • or as NTP display (VP100/20/NET)
    Text messages can be displayed: fixed, flashing or running characters, programmable via PC

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 2 RoHS compliant
Stand Alone Clock
20 mA Interface
50mm LED Display for Time and Date
RS232 interface



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