ANZ14: LED Display with DCF77 Radio Clock Option (ANZ14/DCF77) 

ANZ14: LED Display with DCF77 Radio Clock Option (ANZ14/DCF77) 

LED Display with DCF77 Radio Clock Option (ANZ14/DCF77)

The 14-digit LE-Display shows the time, date and day-of-week. The displays brightness is adjustable via the menu. RS232 or 20mA-interface, unlimited series connection possible, with buffered hardware clock and integrated power supply unit.The Network option ANZ14/NET: can act as a slave clock for Meinberg LANTIME NTP Time Server



Product Description

A serial time sting is generated either once per second, once per minute, on request only or never. Baudrate, framing and time zone can be configured separately by menu and two front panel buttons. It is also possible to use the ANZ14 as a display for a preconnected clock.

Buffered Real Time Clock
In case of supply voltage failure the onboard real time clock keeps the time powered by a backup capacitor for more than 150 hours. This capacitor does not need any maintenance and ensures that the ANZ14 returns with the actual time information even before the first synchronization. Alternatively, the clock can be ordered with a lithium battery which has a live time of at least 10 years guaranteed.

DCF77 Receiver Option:
The ANZ14/DCF77 model variant is a standalone radio clock with integrated DCF77 receiver. An external ferrit antenna is used to receive the signal from the DCF77 transmitter and supplies it to the onboard LF receiver where it is demodulated by a straight detector with automatic gain control.

The ANZ14/DCF77 will be delivered with an indoor antenna AI01 and 5m cable or, by customers specifications, with an outdoor antenna option AW02. Antenna cables can be prefabricated as required. The connection to the external antenna can be done via BNC connector at the rear panel of the display.

Serial Interface
The ANZ14 provides two serial ports which can either be used as RS232 or RS422 interfaces. The COM0 interface provides an RS422 output, COM1 provides an RS422 input. On this way, a ANZ14 with DCF receiver can synchronize an additional ANZ14 without receiver. The transfer rate and the data format are free selectable. The serial port can sent a time string once per second, once per minute or only on request by sending an ASCII character ‘?’ (ASCII code 3Fh).

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Stand Alone Radio Clock or Display for external Clock
Adjustable display brightness
Good visible LED Display for Time, Date and Day-of-the-Week
Buffered hardware clock
optional as Slave Clock for Meinberg LANTIME NTP Time Server (ANZ14/NET)
Integrated Power Supply (100 – 240VAC)
Configuration with two push buttons and setup menu.


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