SIM77P: DCF77 Simulator 

SIM77P: DCF77 Simulator 

DCF77 Simulator

DCF77 Simulator SIM77P


Product Description

The simulator SIM77P uses TTL level time marks supplied by either the MEINBERG GPS atellite receiver or the DCF77 correlation receiver (with special adaption) to modulate the amplitude of a 77.5 kHz carrier generated on-board.

The resulting DC-insulated output signal distributed fourfold and available at the rear VG edge connector is compatible with the LF signal spread by DCF77, the output circuit is designed to feed the antenna input circuit of a standard Meinberg DCF77 AM radio clock or an antenna distributor AV4 or AV5 which can in turn be used to feed several radio clocks.

It is not allowed to use the SIM77P as an LF transmitter, so it is not possible to supply the simulated signal to a radio clock via its antenna.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Large Number of AM Receivers connectable
Generates Amplitude modulated DCF77 Signal
4 DC-Insulated Antenna Outputs


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