C600RS: DCF77 radio clock with serial RS232 interface

C600RS: DCF77 radio clock with serial RS232 interface

Modular Time- and Frequency Synchronization System for Industrial Applications in DIN Rail Chassis

The full-featured DIN railmount package has one power supply slot, a clock module slot, a CPU slot and two slots for additional input and output modules. Both, wide range AC and a 20-60 V DC power supply model are available.



Product Description

The radio remote clock C600RS has been designed for applications where only the serial interface is used to transmit information on date and time to other devices. The clock has an enhanced LF receiver and is manufactured using surface mounting technology (SMT). The elevtronic assembly is mounted in a plastic case with four LEDs in the front panel which let the user monitor the clock’s status.

RS232 interface and 20mA input/output circuits. Pulse per second and pulse per minute. These pulses are made available at the DB25 connector via optocoupler outputs. The P_SEC pulse is also available with RS-232 level (-3..12V/+3..12V).

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Integrated Power Supply
Pulses per second and per minute
20mA input/output circuits
RS232 interface
Receiver status LEDs
Buffered hardware clock
DCF77 radio clock



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