GPS-BGT: GPS Satellite Receiver in rack mount enclosure

GPS-BGT: GPS Satellite Receiver in rack mount enclosure

GPS Satellite Receiver in rack mount enclosure

GPS clock appliance in rack mount enclosure for customized time and frequency synchronization systems.


Product Description

The GPS satellite clock in 19″ enclosure is the base for all our GPS synchronized systems for 3U and more.

The GPS-BGT consists of a power supply (input voltage determined by the customer, outputs as needed) and the GPS reference clock and can be customized with different modules and output drivers to fulfill your needs.

For example the following outputs are possible:

IRIG Time Code


  • pulse per second(PPS), pulse per minute (PPM), DCF modulation marks (DCF_MARK), pulse per hour (PPH), free programmable pulses
  • as TTL, RS232, via Optokoppler, or Relays (PhotoMos)
  • via DSUB, BNC, DFK


  • fixed frequencies, frequency synthesizer from 1Hz-10MHz, E1, T1 (telcom frequencies)
  • as sine wave, sine wave with low phase noise or square pulse frequency
  • via BNC or Twinax

Serial Interfaces

  • RS232, RS422, current loop (20mA)
  • via DSUB9, DSUB25, Fiber Optic ST

Network Interfaces

  • NTP, PTP (IEEE 1588), X-Port for configuration and control (SNMP)
  • via RJ-45, Fiber Optic ST, Fiber Optic SC

Please tell us the number, format and connector of your desired configuration and we will make you an appropriate offer.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
2 time trigger inputs
LC-display, 4 x 16 characters
2 RS232 interfaces
Integrated GPS satellite receiver
Frequency synthesizer
Antenna-/converter unit


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