MPS v2: NTP / PTP Simulation Software

MPS v2: NTP / PTP Simulation Software

NTP / PTP Simulation Software

The simulation software offers the possibility to simulate time synchronization devices, such as NTP Server and Clients or PTP Grandmaster and Slaves in a network.

The MPS allows you to test your existing network infrastructure by simulating hundreds or thousands of devices. You will also have the possibility to test your own NTP- or PTP implementation on standard compliant behavior, by examining its interoperability with a simulated device.


Product Description

The delivery contains two USB sticks: One of the USB sticks can be used to boot a Live-Linux-System, on which the simulation service is started automatically after successful booting procedure, on any computer or server. The simulation can now be controlled either from the same system or from a remote computer. The second USB stick provides a license key and has to be inserted into the simulationsystem during the simulation, to have access to the complete functionality of the software. By booting the Live-System all data on your computer or server will not be changed, which means that your hardware is only transformed into a flexible and functional NTP-/PTP-simulator for the duration of the simulation and can be used as before after the simulation.

The software allows you to create a few network nodes for a basic interoperability test of your implementation, as well as performance tests of your network by a mass simulation of devices, without the need of installing these devices for the test.


Boot menu Boot menu
In the boot menu of the USB Live-System you may choose between desktop mode and terminal mode. If you want to control the simulation from the same computer or server, the desktop mode is recommended. For all other purposes the terminal mode is sufficient. If no mode was selcted the system will automatically start in the desktop mode, after a short while. This is to make sure that the simulation service is started automatically and is ready for remote control, even without user identification
Main tab Main tab
In the main tab of the Remote Control Interface you will find an overview of the current simulation services in the network. If you posses several licenses, you can simultaneously control several simulation services from the same computer. If one of the services does not appear automatically, i.g. because it is in a seperate subnet, you can manually establish a direct connection by using the text field “Manual Remote Connection”.
Connection tab Connection tab
After having successfully established a connection to a simulation service you can control the simulation via the connection tab. Simulation groups can be created, edited or deleted and started or stopped individually. Additionally you can save and look at simulation statistics.
Overview tab Overview tab
The overview tab offers an overview of all simulation groups, current simulations and their statistics, that are created on the currently connected simulation services.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 2 RoHS compliant
Simulation of network nodes with own MAC and IP addresses
Dynamic address resolution via ARP (IPv4) or NDP (IPv6)
VLAN simulation with configurable ID and priority
Simulation control from the same or from a remote system
Download Demo Version and Updates MPS v2
Simulation of NTP servers and / or clients
Simulation of PTP unicast / multicast masters and / or slaves
Simulation of large client groups to produce high loads
Simulation of failures in configurable intervals and variable length
Extensive configuration options for each simulated device
Saving / Loading configurations for repeated execution of a test
Detailed analysis of the simulation by statistical recording
Use different network interfaces for load sharing
Simulation of date and leap second


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