SyncFire 1100: High-Performance NTP Time Server

SyncFire 1100: High-Performance NTP Time Server

The Meinberg SyncFire 1100 NTP Time Server appliance offers the flexibility and reliability of the Meinberg LANTIME M-Series Product Family in a new package that is optimized for Data Center deployments. Due to its new powerful CPU options, it can synchronize millions of NTP and SNTP clients.



Product Description

The redundant, hot-pluggable power supplies and system fans ensure a 24/7 operation, 365 days a year with no or minimal downtime for repair in case of a hardware failure. The ability to add a second GPS receiver or combined GPS/GLONASS receiver for a redundant reference time source plus the capability to form redundant network links by assigning multiple LAN interfaces to a high availability bonding group provide an unmatched level of reliability.

The new SF1100 can be ordered with one of two CPU options: the 1.9GHz Quadcore Intel Xeon CPU or the 2.6GHz Octacore Intel Xeon CPU with Hyperthreading. The standard configuration offers two Gigabit interfaces, quad port Gigabit Ethernet or a dual port 10GE/SFP+ expansion cards can increase the number of physical interfaces to a maximum of 2x1GE+4x10GE or 10x1GE ports.

Depending on the selected CPU option and the number of physical network interfaces, a Meinberg SyncFire 1100 can handle up to 750,000 NTP requests per second. This makes the Meinberg SyncFire 1100 one of the world‘s strongest and most reliable NTP appliances on the market and the perfect fit for high performance NTP requirements like synchronization of Femtocell Access Points or other CPEs, VOD Set Top Boxes or when an Internet NTP server has to be provided for a number of SNTP or NTP capable end devices.

The SyncFire 1100 is equipped with a OCXO-LQ oscillator. Time base upgrades up to OCXO-HQ are possible (look at oscillator options for details). The oscillator determines the holdover characteristics (e.g. when the GNSS signal is disturbed or jammed).

It is possible to order the SyncFire 1100 with no integrated stratum 1 clock module (SF1100/RDT model), creating a powerful stratum 2 NTP server that itself can be synchronized by one or more upstream NTP servers, e.g. Meinberg LANTIME systems.

Additional information

Key Features

Selectable Reference Sources:
GPS: Satellite receiver for the Global Positioning System
GLN: Combined GPS/GLONASS satellite receiver (L1 frequency band), can also be used for mobile applications
Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
Web-based status and configuration interface (Demo), and console-based graphical configuration utility
Supported networking protocols: IPv4, IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, TELNET, SCP, SFTP, FTP, SYSLOG, SNMP
Alert-Notification system of status change by Email, WinMail, SNMP or an external connected display
Full SNMP v1,v2,v3 support with own SNMP-daemon for status and configuration and SNMP Trap messages
Meinberg GPS Antenna/Converter Unit connected with up to 300m of standard coaxial cable RG58
Up to six independent RJ-45 ethernet interfaces 10/100/1000 MBit/s
Max. supported NTP requests/second
Multi-Core-NTP: up to 750,000
Multi Threading Support developed by Meinberg


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