ANZ14/NET: Network Time Display

ANZ14/NET: Network Time Display

Network Time Display

Time and Date Display with NTP synchronized ReferenceANZ14/NET is a LED display with network (Ethernet) connection. It was designed to display the time (hours, minutes and seconds) as well as the date (day, month, year and day of the week). The free running clock is beeing synchronized cyclic via the network connection (RJ45 10/100MBit) by a NTP time server using the Network Time Protocol.



Product Description

The UTC time sent by the NTP server is converted into the users local time by configurable parameters and displayed correspondingly. A dot in the LED display and/ or a numerical error code indicates a malfunction. Configuration occurs via network using a Telnet connection. The ANZ14/NET is a stand-alone free running clock with integrated power supply that is synchronized via network connection using NTP. The 14-digit LED display shows time, date and day-of-week. The display brightness is variable. A serial time string is generated either once per second or once per minute. Baudrate and framing are set to 9600 baud, 8N1. This configuration must not be changed.

DIS14/NETOption DIS14/NET with green Display and brightness adjustment
The front panel of the DIS14/NET contains three push buttons. Pressing the button “Mode” for at least two seconds enables the setup menu (LED “Setup” is switched on). This menu allows the configuration of the features provided by the DIS14/NET. All available sub menus are selected by the “Mode” push button while both “Brightness” push buttons (+ and ) are used to set the value or to select the available options.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Slave Clock/Display for LANTIME Time Servers
Good visible LED Display for Time, Date and Day-of-the-Week
Two Interfaces (RS232 / RS422)
Buffered hardware clock
Integrated Power Supply (100 – 240V AC or DC)


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