AW02-60: 60 kHz Outdoor Antenna

AW02-60: 60 kHz Outdoor Antenna

60 kHz Outdoor Antenna

Long Wave Outdoor Antenna AW02-60 for all Meinberg MSF and WWVB long wave radio receivers.


Product Description

The AW02-60 is a weatherproof and temperature resistant 60 kHz antenna for outdoor use. It includes a ferrite rod with impregnated winding and RF amplifier circuit in a plastic housing, with power provided by the receiver via the antenna cable.

The AW02-60 antenna can be placed up to 300m (1000’) from the receiver using standard RG58 cable. Greater distances are possible using an antenna amplifier, low loss RG213 cable or the fiber optic DOAL antenna system.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Weather Resistant
Temperature Resistant
360° Orientation
Outdoor Mounting
Plastic Case
Bracket for Wall Mounting


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