BOLERO40 IP68-rated, rugged and “roadworthy” micro-tracker

BOLERO40 IP68-rated, rugged and “roadworthy” micro-tracker

Available in 2G, 3G and LTE-M1, the BOLERO40 Series is a compact range of rugged IP 68 IPmicro-tracker especially designed to match environmental, mechanical and electrical requirements of the vehicle tracking market.



Overview for BOLERO40 Series

Automotive grade, IP68 casing

The BOLERO40 Series supports wide temperature range which makes it a perfect tracking device for challenging environmental situations.
It is delivered with an IP68 casing: waterproof, immersion up to 1.2m during 60min, and completely rustproof, it is the perfect tracking device for extreme conditions and activities.

Concurrent GPS & GLONASS

Concurrent GPS and GLONASS improves location accuracy in challenging urban environment and reduces time to first fix.

Dual SIM

The BOLERO40 Series can host two SIM cards so you can have your favorite and a second service provider. Furthermore, it offers more flexibility and is more reliable if the network carrier coverage is not optimal in your working areas.

9V ~ 60V power section

With a 9V ~ 60V power section, you have the latitude to install it on your assets: from trucks, to motorbike or even golf carts, the BOLERO40 Series stays “roadworthy”.

Ignition sensing and Tow alert

The BOLERO40 Series offers a lot of features in order to let you have the most useful experience possible. For instance, it has the ability to detect the ignition and extinction on your engine.

Models available

BOLERO41 (2G) / BOLERO43 (LTE-M1) / BOLERO45 (3G)

Additional information

Key Features

Features & Specifications for BOLERO40 Series
name Territories
Operator(s) Cellular
type 1 Band(s) 2 Fallback
mode 1 Bands 2 Location
services Planned / Obtained
certifications 3 FCS 4
BOLERO41 World excl. Japan, Koreas 2G λ1 5/8/3/2 N/A Concurrent GPS,
Galileo and either
GLONASS (factory
setting) or Beidou CE 6, E-Mark Apr. ’19
BOLERO43 EMEA LTE-M1 20/8/3 – cf. note 2a 2G λ3 8/3 Q1 ’20
Verizon Wireless 13 N/A FCC, Verizon Wireless
Japan 18/19b/1 – cf. note 2c JRF, JPA
BOLERO45 World 5 3G 5d/8/2/1 2G λ2 5/8/3/2 CE 6, E-Mark; JRF, JPA Apr. ’19
Please consult us regarding the models or features shown in grey, which are subject to MOQ and other considerations

1 Uplink / Downlink maximum data rates 2 Ranked by increasing frequencies 3 Besides MIL-STD-810H
– 2G: λ1 85.6 / 236.8; or 236.8 / λ2 236.8; or λ3 296 kbps a Contemplating adding B1 4 First customer shipment [date of]
– LTE-M1: 375 / 375 kbps b Containing Japan’s B6 (3G) 5 A special software build is available for NTT docomo
– 3G: 5.76 / 7.2 Mbps c Contemplating adding B8, B3 (containing Japan’s B9) 6 Based on compliance with RED; EN 60950-1; etc.
d Containing Japan’s B19, that contains B6 – cf. note 2b 05 September 2019


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