Single Chip Device Networking Solution
  • Includes a powerful Turbo 186 microprocessor.
  • 256 Kbytes of internal static RAM.
  • Integrated Ethernet MAC, Dual CAN, quad serial ports.
  • Built-in PHY.


Overview for DSTni-EX

Put Ethernet Connectivity in Your Products Quickly and Economically

For design engineers who need utilmate flexibility, Lantronix’s chips provide powerful system-on-chip (SOC) solutions ideal for any environment that requires a high-performance Turbo 186 microprocessor. The DSTni can be used as the primary processor in an embedded communication system, or in more complex applications, it can function as a network coprocessor. They feature a wide range of on-chip peripherals to support the most popular embedded networking technologies. Communication channels include Ethernet MAC, Dual CAN, SPI and quad serial ports to handle the most demanding embedded applications.

Lantronix DSTni Single Chip Solutions may be ordered directly from our master distributor, Grid Connect. For more information, please call 630-245-1445, or visit www.gridconnect.com.

Additional information

Key Features

Features & Specifications for DSTni-EX
Asynchronous Serial Ports: 4
Integrated Ethernet MAC: 2
Maximum Data Rate: 920Kbps
Memory: 256Kb SRAM
Physical Layer (PHY): 1
Input Power Requirements: 1.8VDC supply voltage for core, 3.3VDC for I/O
Profibus: –
Pin Configuration: 184-pin BGA
Network Interface: 10/100Base-T
2 CAN V2.0B Controllers, 1Mbps, 16-bit interface to CAN Channels: Yes
Maximum Clock Speed: 115MHz
USB Controller v1.1: Yes
SPI Controller: Yes



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