GPSAV4: GPS Antenna Distributor (4-port, external)

GPSAV4: GPS Antenna Distributor (4-port, external)

GPS Antenna Distributor (4-port, external)

The GPSAV4 distributes the signal of a Meinberg GPS antenna/converter unit to up to four Meinberg GPS receivers.

The direct use or connection of GNSS L1 components is not possible.


Product Description

The integrated amplifier avoids distribution dissipations. The GPS receiver connected to the output no.1 is used to supply power to the GPSAV4, so this output has to be connected steadily while the others can be left unconnected.

The distributor is installed in a plastic case with five type-N female connectors for input and outputs.

It’s possible to build up a two or three level cascade by using Meinberg antenna distributors. You can find continuative information in our Support area.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Up to 4 GPS Receiver with one Antenna
No additional Power Supply necessary
GPSAV4 antennas with three cascading levels


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