IMS-HPS100: PTP / SyncE / Hardware NTP Interface with Dual Core CPU 

IMS-HPS100: PTP / SyncE / Hardware NTP Interface with Dual Core CPU 

High Precision Synchronization
The new generation of the Meinberg time stamping unit provides a future-proof platform for your IEEE 1588 / SyncE / Carrier Grade NTP infrastructure. The high-performance dual-core processor, the 1-step master clock and the 1GE interface with SFP slot supports a very large number of PTP clients.

The HPS offers the ability to support up to 2048 PTP-Clients in Unicast (at 128 Sync/Delay Requests per second), as well as more than 250,000 DelayRequests per second in Multicast or Hybrid mode or more than 400,000 NTP requests per second due to a powerful FPGA-based Packet Generator engine.

IMS-HPS Performance Level Options

  • PL-A
    Unicast Clients: 8; Delay Req./s*: 1024; NTP Req./s: 1600
  • PL-B
    Unicast Clients: 256; Delay Req./s*: 32768; NTP Req./s: 51200
  • PL-C
    Unicast Clients: 512; Delay Req./s*: 65536; NTP Req./s:102400; PTPv1
  • PL-D
    Unicast Clients: 1024; Delay Req./s*: 131072; NTP Req./s: 204800; PTPv1 **; PTP Monitoring ***
  • PL-E
    Unicast Clients: 2048; Delay Req./s*: 262144; NTP Req./s: 409600; PTPv1 **; PTP Monitoring ***

* Delay Req./s in Multicast / Hybrid Mode
** PTPv1 mode selectable via Web Interface
*** PTP Monitor via Web Interface 


Product Description

The ability to select Master and Slave operation for either Default, Power, Telecom or SMPTE profile makes this product the most flexible PTP solution on the market, suitable for a wide range of applications.

A lot of IEEE 1588 slave devices or NTP clients from different market segments can be synchronized, even over IPv6 networks, for example eNodeBs for LTE base stations, Linux servers running high-frequency trading applications, IEEE 1588 compatible IEDs in Smart Grid environments or IP-interconnected Audio / Video devices in TV or Radio studios.

The Synchronous Ethernet function provides a highly accurate frequency transport over Ethernet networks. The card can be used either to take a SyncE signal from the network as a source or to generate SyncE as a Master.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
!High Performance Dual Core CPU
Compatible with the Meinberg IMS Platform
High Power Dual Core CPU
USB 2.0 full-speed, Micro USB
LED status indicators for init, error and PTP mode
Data Link Layer: Layer 2 / Layer 3 / E2E / P2P
1-Step or 2-Step Master/Slave operation
SyncE – Synchronous Ethernet
8 ns Time Stamp Accuracy
Multi-Profile Support
(Default, Power, Telecom, SMPTE)
Gigabit Ethernet SFP/RJ45 Combo Port
2 SMA Outputs for 1PPS,10MHz or 2048kHz


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