Modular Time and Frequency Synchronization Platform



Versatile and Modular Solution for Time and Frequency Synchronization Applications in a Compact 3RU Chassis
The new LANTIME M3000S is a field-upgradeable and extremely flexible system that covers your synchronization needs – today and in the future. Upgrading to more outputs, new connector and signal types and protocols is easier than ever with Meinbergs Intelligent Modular Synchronization platform (IMS).

The short version of the LANTIME M3000 chassis is the compact and cost effective alternative to the standard model. It can be installed in 19 inch racks as well as 21 inch racks (with an adapter). The reduced mounting depth of the S chassis enables you to mount the system in 300mm ETSI racks. All connections and control elements are placed on one side, allowing to mount this chassis on a wall or inside a rack that is only accessible from one side. As the standard M3000 chassis it comes with four power supply slots, two clock module slots, a seamless switchover card slot, a CPU slot and ten slots for additional input and output modules. Adding a second clock module and the required RSC switch module will turn the M3000S into a fully redundant solution. The up to four power supplies that can be installed offer a high level of protection against the failure of one or more power sources and power supply failures. Both wide range AC and DC power supply models can be mixed and matched as required.

The possibility to add input and output modules as well as specialized communication cards for NTP and PTP/IEEE1588 network synchronization (including Synchronous Ethernet support) and remote management ensures that a LANTIME M3000S will fulfill all your synchronization requirements and the scalability and flexibility of the IMS platform concept enables it to cope with the changing demands of your critical applications.

All modules support hot plugging, allowing to replace faulty modules or add new capabilities to the system with zero downtime for unaffected modules and functions.

Additional information

Key Features

Optimized space usage
Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
Web-based status and configuration interface (Demo), and console-based graphical configuration utility
IMS – Intelligent Modular System platform
Up to 10 PTP (IEEE 1588-2008) modules
Redundant power and receiver option (eg GPS / GLONASS combination)
Hot Plug
Arbitrary combinations of modules
Meinberg's LANTIME time server is available with a variety of additional output options: IRIG Time Code, frequency synthesizer and programmable pulse outputs illustrate some of the many expansion options for your NTP server
Up to 40 additional LAN ports

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