JetWave 4110L Industrial LoRa Private Gateway

JetWave 4110L Industrial LoRa Private Gateway

Modular Time- and Frequency Synchronization System for Industrial Applications in DIN Rail Chassis

The full-featured DIN railmount package has one power supply slot, a clock module slot, a CPU slot and two slots for additional input and output modules. Both, wide range AC and a 20-60 V DC power supply model are available.



  • JetWave 4110L Industrial LoRa Private Gateway
    • LoRa Wireless data link provide stable data stream.
    • Outdoor IP68 design.
    • High output RF Power and high sensitivity provide more than 40KM transmission distance.
    • Multi-Interface support RS-485 / Analog or Digital Input / Digital Output.
    • Resist the water, dust, temperature and shock and meet with the IP68 standard.
    • Analog Input support 0~10 V / 4~20 mA / ADC
    • Digital Output support PWM / Latch Mode.
    • AUX I/O support remote setup/status inquiry function.

Additional information

Key Features

Serial RS-485 x 1
AI/DI/AO/DO Analog or Digital Input x 1 / Digital Output x 1
RS-485 Protocol Modbus RTU
Serial Interface Baud Rate 4800bps / 9600bps / 19200bps / 38400bps / 57600bps / 115200bps / 230400bps
Analog Input Analog Input Support 0~10 V / 4~20 mA / ADC (0~10 V)
Digital Input Digital Input Support High / Low Signal Judge
Digital Output Digital Output Support PWM / Latch Mode
Operating Frequency
410 ~ 525MHz / 862 ~ 1020MHz (According to the local regulatory compliance.)
Sensitivity Up to -136dBm@SF=7 / 10.4K bandwidth
Transmit RF Power Maximum 2W
Management Software setting function such as Frequency / ID / P2P / Group / Broadcast / Power output
Power Requirement
Input Power Supply 12V ~ 36V DC
Output Power Supply 5V DC / 200mA (Max.)
Power Consumption 24V 15mA @868 / 920MHz receive, 24V 400mA @868 / 920MHz transmit 2W
Enclosure Plastic
Main Unit Dimensions 10 x 10 x 4.8 cm (Not include antenna and external connect)
Weight 195 g
Waterproof IP 68
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
Operating Humidity 5% ~ 95% (operating)
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 95 ℃
Certification RED:
CE EN55032/55024
EN 61000-6-2/4 Industrial Environment
Safety EN60950-1
FCC Part 15B
Warranty 2 years
Ordering Information
JetWave4110L [JetWave4110L] Industrial LoRa Gateway
Include M12-8pin cable *1
Optional Accessory
USB to RS485 Cable USB to RS485 Cable


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