ONT4xx/ONT6xx: NTP LED Large Display 

ONT4xx/ONT6xx: NTP LED Large Display 

NTP LED Large Display

Large Display with 100mm (4″) 7-segment LED numerals and Power over Ethernet in a high quality metal housing.


Product Description

Plug directly into an Ethernet jack on your local area network. No AC plug is required, so installation is inexpensive and it’s easy to move clocks around. Time updates are received automatically over the network, and no specialized software is required – control one or hundreds of clocks with a simple telnet session. These devices make practical use of PoE standards to eliminate electrical wiring requirements and simplifying installation.

If the network is not currently PoE-enabled and is going to support a PoE digital clock, a Single Port Midspan Power Injector must be added to the 10/100 BaseT LAN.

  • Time zone settings and daylight saving configuration occur via telnet session.
  • These displays work excellent with all Meinberg Lantime Time Servers.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 2 RoHS compliant
4 or 6 Digit red LED Display
large 100mm numerals, visible over 50 mtrs.
12h/24h Time option
Power over Ethernet, no Power Supply needed
High Quality Stainless Steel or Aluminium Housing
DHCP or static IP addressing
Telnet configuration



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