TCG511: Time Code Generator (Eurocard)

TCG511: Time Code Generator (Eurocard)

IRIG or AFNOR time code generator with various outputs.



Product Description

The board TCG511 has been designed for the generation of IRIG and AFNOR standard time codes. Particularly it is intended for operation with the Meinberg GPS receivers and our DCF77 correlation receiver. Apart from the digitally generated amplitude-modulated code the TCG511 also provides the unmodulated DC level shift code. The modulated sine wave carrier and the board’s internal time pattern are derived from the radio clock’s disciplined oscillator. For special applications, the board can be equipped with a freewheeling oscillator (OCXO or TCXO). Signals required for operation are a synchronous pulse per second signal (PPS), a serial time string at RS232 level, and a 10MHz reference clock as mentioned above.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Unmodulated outputs with TTL, RS232 and RS422 level
Status LED
Time information coded in IRIG-A/B or AFNOR format
Controlled by GPS161/GPS164/GPS167 or PZF511
High accurate sinewave carrier for modulated output
Optional onboard diplexer with 4 outputs


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