XPort AR Evaluation Kit

XPort AR Evaluation Kit

The XPort Architect (AR) Evaluation Kit is designed with all the necessary items to help you successfully implement XPort AR into your product design. The size of a few sugar cubes, XPort Architect (AR) is the first device server solution that goes beyond simple network connectivity to deliver an enterprise-grade, programmable device computing and embedded networking platform.



Overview for XPort AR Evaluation Kit

The Flexible, Programmable Device Computing Platform for Building Intelligent, Highly Secure and Network-ready Devices

This Embedded Processor Module builds on our proven XPort serial-to-Ethernet technology that enables device manufacturers to add embedded Ethernet or IP connectivity as a standard feature to their products.

XPort AR includes all the essential device computing and networking features built into a single RJ45 package – including a 120Mhz DSTni™ processor, 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet connection, an embedded web server and a full network operating system, including TCP/IP protocol stack.

Featuring Evolution OS, our powerful new real-time embedded Networking Operating System, XPort AR now offers the ability to deliver an unprecedented level of intelligence to run a networked device. And it features an extensible, open standards-based software platform for managing the device and delivering information over the enterprise network with “data-center” grade security – including SSH and SSL support. The XPort AR also delivers IEEE 802.3af compliant passthrough Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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