GPSGEN1575/MP: GPS signal converter/diplexer (4-port)

GPSGEN1575/MP: GPS signal converter/diplexer (4-port)

GPS signal converter/diplexer (4-port)

Module for reconverting the Meinberg intermediate frequency to the original GPS frequency.


Product Description

The module GPSGEN1575/MP has been designed to reconvert the intermediate frequency of 35.42MHz transmitted on the antenna cable of Meinberg GPS clocks to the GPS frequency of 1575.42MHz. This technology allows the connection of GPS receivers of other manufacturers working without IF-technique to a Meinberg antenna with up to 300m of coaxial cable RG58 (or even up to 700m with RG213) without the need of an additional amplifier. Besides the signal conditioning, the module includes a complete GPS receiver, which can be used as a reference in test applications.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Reconversion of the Meinberg GPS Antenna signal (35.42MHz) into GPS frequency (1575MHz)
Pulse per second
2 RS232 interfaces
Status output
Meinberg GPS Antenna/Converter Unit connected with up to 300m of standard coaxial cable RG58
Remote control and monitoring with included PC-software (COM0)


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