GPS-MP: The ready-to-operate GPS systems built up in rackmount slimline modular cases.

GPS-MP: The ready-to-operate GPS systems built up in rackmount slimline modular cases.

The ready-to-operate systems GPS-MQ/F4/MP (GPS-MQ/LCD/F4/MP) and GPS/MP (GPS/LCD/MP)

Our satellite receiver clock provides extremly precise time as well as pulses and frequency outputs. The clock has been developed for applications where conventional radio controlled clocks cannot meet the increasing requirements in precision and reliability.

High precision available 24/7 around the world is the main feature of this high-quality system which receives its information from the satellites of the Global Positioning System.



Product Description

The ready-to-operate systems GPS-MQ/F4/MP (GPS-MQ/LCD/F4/MP) and GPS//MP (GPS/LCD/MP) are built up in 19″ slimline modular cases (1U).

The frequency locking of the master oscillator to the GPS system enables the module GPS170 to generate fixed and programmable standard frequencies with high accuracy and stability. Various oscillator options allow the cost efficient implementation of different requirements concerning the accurracy of the outputs. The pulse generator of GPS170 generates pulses per second and per minute. As an option three programmable outputs are available. The pulses are synchronized to UTC second.

Up to four serial interfaces are available for sending time strings. These ASCII telegrams include information regarding time, date and status of the GPS receiver. The module provides two inputs for measurement of asynchronous time events. These capture events are shown on the LC display (only LCD models) and can be read via a serial interface.

The front panel of LCD models integrates a LC display that shows information regarding the GPS receiver in different menus. In combination with four push buttons it is also used to setup all configurable parameters.

The ../F4/.. models come with E1/T1 frequency outputs and are widely used in the telecommunicaton sector.

A powerful and feature-rich software called GPSMON is available for configuration and monitoring of your Meinberg GPS receivers.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
2 time trigger inputs
Pulses per second and per minute
LC-Display for configuration ( …/LCD/… types only)
2 RS232 interfaces
integrated power supply (85 … 264VAC)
Optional (only …/F4/… models):
four frequency outputs
2.048MHz direct, 3.0Vpp into 50 Ohm
2.048MHz switched, 3.0Vpp into 25 Ohm
10MHz direct, 3.0Vpp into 50 Ohm
10MHz switched, 3.0Vpp into 25 Ohm
alarm relay output, changeover contact
Including GPS antenna, 20m standard cable and manual on USB key


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