RD/GPS: Redundant GPS-synchronized Time and Frequency Reference in 1U Housing

RD/GPS: Redundant GPS-synchronized Time and Frequency Reference in 1U Housing

Redundant GPS-synchronized Time and Frequency Reference in 1U Housing

The Meinberg RD/GPS is a fully redundant GPS-synchronized time and frequency reference for demanding applications like Digital Broadcasting and Telecommunication Networks. The 1U rackmount chassis integrates two Meinberg GPS Receivers (each with its own oscillator), dual power supplies and an automatic switchover logic and provides frequency and pulse outputs.



Product Description

The integrated network management processor supports remote control and monitoring. Two serial ports offer local control and monitoring capabilities and can be used for generating serial time strings in various formats to feed TOD information into a wide range of devices.

The Meinberg RSC switchover logic ensures that the time and frequency synchronization signal generation from the two GPS receivers is automatically switched to the output connectors based on the synchronization state of the receivers. A manual override is possible both locally by using the front panel controls and remotely using the integrated network control and monitoring processor.

Additional information

Key Features

Key Features
Years of warranty: 3 RoHS compliant
Integrated event log storing the last 80 alarm events
RS-232 serial interface providing TOD strings in various formats and providing firmware update, local control and monitoring functionality
Redundant power supplies (100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60Hz / 100-200 V DC)
8x PPS PulsePerSecond outputs
2x Meinberg GPS Antenna System – with integrated downconverter for cable runs up to 700m without amplification and reliable robust signal reception characteristics
8x 10MHz TTL or low phase noise sinewave outputs
Alarm relay output, changeover contact
2x independant high precision GPS clocks, each with its own ultra stable OCXO-HQ oscillator, providing excellent holdover performance and signal quality



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